Whilst we specialise in delivering new planting designs, your new garden may also require some hard landscaping elements. As part of the job you may decide to repair or replace an existing feature, or to build something new to reflect the new mood and function of your garden space.

• • •

We can create features that work in symphony with your garden by bringing our knowledge of local Cotswold materials, experience with contemporary town gardens and award-winning level of building expertise to create a range of elements:

  • Pathways – Repair an existing pathway in your garden for peace of mind, replace one with new contemporary materials to update a garden’s feel or create a new path giving access to an underused area.

  • Edging – Create a discrete border between planting and lawn, acting as a practical guide for mowing or barrier for weeds.

  • Woodwork – Replace old wooden features with fresh, treated timber giving you new options for climbing plants. Create a smart, sheltered outdoor space for entertaining with a pergola. Start a new hobby growing vegetables with easy-access raised wooden beds.

  • Retaining Walls – Create levels and steps within your garden with retaining block walls or add warmth to your new garden with Cotswold dry stone features.