Sometimes a garden doesn’t require a total redesign and reconstruction: simply a revision of its soft landscaping is enough to greatly alter its function and feel.

• • •

We specialise in delivering new planting designs, working within the existing hard landscaping features of your garden whilst creating fresh areas of interest and beauty.  Revitalise and repurpose your garden – without the cost and time of large building works.

• • •

Applying our comprehensive design process, we can take any ideas you have and guide you – with mood boards, drawings and virtual layouts – to an understanding of how your garden can look and be used.

• • •

We then use soft landscaping elements to create areas in your garden which are full of beauty and interest:

  • Borders – Replace tired, limp borders with vibrant, sophisticated planting.

  • Trees, Shrubs and Hedges – Bring in large woody plants for shelter, privacy and seasonal colour.

  • Lawn and Meadow – Create an instant family friendly, hard-wearing lawn or a wildlife haven.

  • Pots and Planters – Turn bare, open patio into a cosy spot for entertaining.

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